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Animal Waste Removal

Scoopers was born in June of 2000. Why you ask would someone become a professional pooper-scoopers. Well, I was working for a large corporation and after many years I was tired and burned out. Life was a daily grind. When the grind over I had to come home to my pack of dogs to clean up. My wife and I had four dogs at the time, a greyhound, terrier mix (big dog), a Tibetan spaniel, and a Pug & Boxer mix. Also two other dog friends would visit each week.

Scoopers was my avocation for four years, but I knew when the business grew large enough I would go out to pick up poop full time. Now Scoopers is a full time business, with many customers, that must be happy when I leave. Actually we had very few call backs. Over the years Scoopers has maintained itís customers due to hard work and caring about the job done well. Yes, at times, you canít satisfy everyone but Scoopers attempts to.

Let us pick up your dog poop for you. We doo a great job and Care about doing it well.

Animal Waste Removal, Baltimore City, MD

Animal Waste Removal, throughout Maryland: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Carroll County, Harford and Howard County, Maryland,MD.

Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Carroll, Harford, Howard, County

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Scoopers Dog Waste and Removal Service provides their animal waste pick-up and removal services
to the following counties and surrounding areas throughout Maryland: Anne Arundel County,
Baltimore County, Baltimore Metro, Carroll County, Harford and Howard County.

A Baltimore-Anne Arundel County-Carroll-Baltimore County-Harford-Howard County-Maryland Area Business